Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, Institute of Program Systems,

Information Software Systems Ltd, Glushkov Fund,

Cabardino-Balkarian Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

International workshop

Automata, algorithms, and information technologies

Kiev, May 19-21, 2010

Everything started from the automata theory. In Kiev, automata theory begun by coming of V.M.Glushkov and appearing the Russian translation of the famous papers collection “Automata” edited by C.Shannon in 1956. Many years passed from that time. A lot of different models of computation, algorithmic systems, and formal behavior models connecting in different ways with automata-theoretical models appeared making emphasis on algebraic, logic, or combinatorial aspects. Technologies of programming and system development evolved in a parallel way sometime approaching, sometime moving away, but rendering permanently significant influence each other. The Glushkov scientific school contributed considerably to theoretical as well as to applied computer science. The active approaching of theory and application aspects accompanies the current times. New wave of developing the application areas of formal methods is conducted by active dissemination of the movement known as “Model driven engineering”.

We invite to participate in the workshop all people who are interested to discuss the problems of contemporary state of formal methods based on automata-theoretical models, and their applications to technologies of the development and studying of cybernetic systems. Especially those are invited who had cooperation with Kiev school of theoretical cybernetics. The workshop is a satellite event of the International conference Ukrprog 2010 (May 24-28 2010).

Organizing and program Committee:
I.V. Sergienko (chair)
A.A. Letichevsky (co-chair)
A.V. Anisimov (Ukraine)
F.I. Andon (Ukraine)
I.V. Velbitsky (Ukraine)
D.R.Gilbert (UK)
S.P. Gorlach (Germany)
A.E. Doroshenko (Ukraine)
P.M. Ivanov (Russia)
Y.G. Krivonos (Ukraine)
N.S. Nikitchenko (Ukraine)
V.N. Redko (Ukraine)
Y.G. Shoukourian (Armenia)

If you plan to participate in the workshop, please send email to Alexander Letichevsky with the title of possible presentation and short abstract (up to ½ page) before 1st April 2010.