APS&IMS Systems, version 4.1

Release notes: This build differ from previous one by following statements: 1) Usage of external libraries in all binary modules are optimized. 2) Interface of z3 for win32 version was added. New build could be downloaded here: 1) APS&IMS for win32 2) APS&IMS for unix

APS&IMS Systems, version 4.0

Release notes: Clew library is optimized in 4 times in speed and 10 times in memory in general case. Each archive contains examples from user manual, demo examples of algebraic programming and insertion modeling, interfaces for next external tools: Presburger - omega, Fourier–Motzkin - reallib (our tool), cvc3, z3: 1) APS&IMS for win32 (z3 coming soon) 2) APS&IMS for unix Transition System Editor TSE (integrated with IMS system): 1) update 2) archive

APS&IMS Systems, version 3.0

APS&IMS for Unix APS&IMS for Windows